The exquisite NFT marketplace:
The Blockchain App Factory came up with the brilliant idea of ​​developing a physically redeemable NFT marketplace that would allow users to buy, sell, mint, and invest NFTs. Our physically redeemable NFT marketplace development is the next generation marketplace that uses redeemable tokens to deliver real value to the NFT market. Users can create and manage NFTs based on the value of real physical objects.

As a decentralized trade (DeCo), our platform enables NFT owners to redeem their assets for a physical object. For example, the purchased assets such as a trading card, character, or photo can be redeemed for a physical object such as clothing, toys, etc. It is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that enables participants to establish connections between multiple networks.

NFT + Defi = future of eCommerce:
The integration of NFTs has taken e-commerce platforms to a whole new level. We support the modernization of e-commerce platforms that enable an ecosystem for the creation and trading of NFTs. It combines digital NFT and real physical products with the robust performance of blockchain technology.

Advantages of our physically redeemable NFT marketplace:
Our NFT marketplace has its own indigenous token that gives users governance rights. Staking out these tokens enables them to receive exciting rewards. Our fascinating dividend model lets token holders share in the platform’s fees.

The Blockchain App Factory is very proud of the introduction of the multichain-operational, physically redeemable and decentralized NFT marketplace. Our platform supports you in meeting NFTs on eCommerce. And guess what? It’s now easy to redeem your NFTs for real products, and our marketplace offers its users the perfect authenticity.

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