EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2021 / It’s official: the highly anticipated Syscoin LUX is live!

The latest version of the Syscoin platform created in conjunction with Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin Foundation introduce several innovative innovations that make Syscoin one of the best and most future-proof decentralized platforms for fungible and non-fungible tokens, payments and non-custody compliance.

Syscoin LUX brings you:

Next generation NFTs

The Syscoin protocol now supports fractional and unfractionated NFTs, as well as the ability to generate multiple NFTs from a single token specification.

NFTs on Syscoin LUX benefit from:

  • the lightning-fast speed of Z-DAG for instant transactions.

  • the safety and sustainability of environmentally friendly Bitcoin merge mining

  • minimal transaction costs.

  • The option to leverage Syscoin’s scalable notary functionality to apply custom logic and external data sources to a token’s signature process, enabling more business applications.

No other NFT platform comes close. Learn more!

UTXO-based Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPTs)

SPTs will now use a UTXO-based consensus system that has many important advantages:

  • Tokens now align directly with Bitcoin core logic to take advantage of the best future innovations. Bitcoin is one of the most researched, developed, and widely used blockchains with proven security and many promising advances, including Lighting networks for scalability and MAST & taproot for smart contracts. These innovations are underpinned by the UTXO model.

  • Multi-asset payment channels / Lightning network for tokens. UTXO makes it much easier to develop and implement token payment channels beyond the Syscoin base protocol and token platform. This new type of payment channel technology scales token payments to anyone, anywhere and supports off-chain services like instant decentralized token swaps at a very low cost with minimal price collapse. Bitcoin does not offer these functions.

Opt-in compliance rules and notary for SPTs

The story goes on

The unique notary function of Syscoin Lux represents another first in the industry and facilitates the integration of SPTs into existing financial markets. This technology is a universal purpose that speeds transactions, provides additional layers of security, and future proofs the platform and its token issuers against changes in digital asset regulations.

Next level master node

New Evo-based master nodes offer advantages for the entire network as well as for individual master node operators, including:

Greater efficiency and more bandwidth for Z-DAG transactions, making the network even faster.

Improved scalability that offers a solution to an industry-wide challenge beyond the unique Z-DAG protocol.

Same great rewards for Master Node Operators. Learn more about the benefits, rewards and bonuses of a Syscoin master node at sysnode.info.

The future of blockchain technology

With the release of Syscoin LUX combined with the recently announced integration of Mobile Wallet in Klever, it’s no wonder that Syscoin is making waves. Syscoin LUX has been a pioneer in blockchain technology since its inception in 2014 and is expected to take the platform to the next level.

Further information can be found in the new look Syscoin.org.

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