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IBA and IA will offer a joint curriculum that will benefit both faculty and entrepreneurs in Building successful blockchain startups

India Blockchain Alliance (IBA) has partnered with India Accelerator (IA) for the campus entrepreneurship program. As part of the partnership, IBA and IA will offer a joint curriculum that trains both faculty and entrepreneurs to create successful blockchain startups. The selected startups will also have the opportunity to work with IA Labs. Maninder Singh Bawa, Co-Founder and CTO of IA Labs, said: “By adding blockchain learning programs to the existing full-stack development, cloud and development technology, we will accelerate our mission to make the campus industrial.”

IA will also leverage IBA’s global presence and focus on creating and accelerating all of the startups that emerge from the centers of excellence. As part of the campus entrepreneurship program, IA and IBA plan to accelerate at least 100 startups per year.

Sanjoy Sarma, Head of the IA Campus Entrepreneurship Program, said: “We are excited about the meeting of two well-known stalwarts in their respective fields and look forward to having a positive impact on the startup ecosystem for blockchain and Industry 4.0. We believe this strategic partnership will result in creating a viable alternative for students to view entrepreneurship as a viable career option. “

“Our collaboration with IA is in line with IBA’s vision of promoting the responsible adoption of blockchain technology in all sectors. We believe that the IA network of experienced mentors and trainers in New Age technology will add value to the industry for our students as well. This will give young entrepreneurs more opportunities to revolutionize the industry with their innovative startup ideas, ”said Raj Kapoor, founder of IBA.

Blockchain is a new age technology, and IBA is playing a vital role in transforming not only the country but also global entities into a global blockchain destination. While India Accelerator is focused on taking advantage of the partnership and bringing it to international countries like Australia, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Europe, USA and Canada.

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