United States, July 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) will host Government Blockchain Week on September 27. an art exhibition in Washington DC until February 10th, 2021. All submissions will be digital and the show will be converted into NFTs up for auction. Hundreds of Government Blockchain Week attendees will vote on the show and try a mobile voting app created by VOATZ in a non-threatening competition.

Thinking About Life by Kylo Hemmingway

Wait it gets better The 5 winners, one for each category listed below, will be recognized by

the stage of the US Capitol. The winners don’t have to be in attendance to win, but receiving a trophy on the stage of the US Capitol is an experience like no other.

Unfortunately, there is a huge deterrent to artists submitting their work. It’s blockchain.

As mentioned before, there will be 5 winners from 5 categories. You are:

1) creativity / originality. How innovative is this idea?

2) practicality. Could this idea work?

3) Helpful / humanity. Does this idea help anyone?

4) participation. Is the artist involved in the implementation of this project?

5) Visual stimulus. How appealing is the picture to be seen?

These 5 categories must all relate to a blockchain connection.

So how can blockchain be translated into an image?

Here are a few suggestions:

– Land title: Many poor farmers and landowners in third world countries do not have secure property rights to their land even after generations. Blockchain records could secure their claims.

– Fair trade: Indecent practices apply to the coffee, chocolate and rice harvest. Blockchain records can track the supply chain and prevent fraud.

– Cannabis: Many states rely on cryptocurrency for their pharmacies because the US dollar cannot be used for cannabis.

– Other: healthcare. Artificial intelligence. Banking. Aviation, cybersecurity, education, and more. A list of blockchain applications can be found in the GBA working group list (

Government Blockchain Association’s Working Groups


Submissions are possible until August 15th. Do not hesitate. Submit your work today.

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