SEATTLE, July 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Joel Kasr, founder of KaJ Labs, announced the upcoming launch of Lithosphere (LITHO), a unique new AI blockchain platform. Kasr is the creator of Lithosphere, the first blockchain to use Deep Neural Networks (DNN) in smart contracts. Litho is the native token of the Lithosphere blockchain and private token sales for $ LITHO are now open. KaJ Labs also announced the transition from a for-profit organization to the not-for-profit KaJ Labs Foundation.

AI startup KaJ Labs wants to start the Blockchain Rival to Ethereum

Lithosphere marks a new era in blockchain technology. The rollout marks the first time deep learning has been used in contracts using embedded DNNs in code. Lithosphere is based on different tokens and will combine several types of value transfer methods under a single management structure. Lithosphere will implement a novel Myriad Distribution Key Management (MDKM) to increase security.

The release of Lithosphere introduces a variety of innovations including a new token standard (LEP100) and a novel consensus algorithm (LinBFT). The ultimate goal of the KaJ Labs Foundation is for Lithosphere to connect all past and future blockchains, break down monopoly barriers and create a network of blockchains that can communicate with one another in a decentralized manner.

Lithosphere will launch a variety of first DeFi products including the Lithosphere Blockchain (PoS), Litho Cross-Chain native Token, LithoSwap, a cross-chain DEX with NFT exchange support, LEP100 Token Launchpad – Litho Launchpad and the Thanos multi-cross-chain wallet for currencies.

Other offerings include the JOT NFT Platform, an NFT marketplace, NFT DEX, SDK to create NFT anywhere and distribute it inexpensively. The products also include FLEEK, a decentralized community-operated gig platform on blockchain, and LUSD, an algorithmic cross-chain stablecoin.

The community-managed Lithosphere has a blockchain platform with interoperability that allows individuals and businesses to work on other blockchain platforms at will. Blockchain technology has matured with little innovation in recent years. Lithosphere is the core of next generation blockchain platforms for a wide variety of applications. In a crowded blockchain arena, Lithosphere is a novel blockchain thats differentiates with embedded DNN.

With Lithosphere, other blockchains retain power and authority over themselves while allowing networks to process transactions quickly. Nobody will be limited to a single blockchain network, which offers increased flexibility. Lithosphere allows anyone to conduct transactions on any network that supports Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanisms.

The private Lithosphere token sale is an opportunity to participate in the launch of Lithosphere by the KaJ Labs Foundation and establish the worlds first AI-powered blockchain platform with cross-chain integration. Users benefit from more flexibility, better accessibility and faster transactions across multiple blockchain networks.

About lithosphere
Lithosphere is the next generation platform for cross-chain decentralized applications based on AI and deep learning.

above KaJ Labs
KaJ Labs is a decentralized research organization that focuses on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. weWe strive to develop innovative products that serve the common good worldwide.

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