Austin, Texas, June 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Blockcap, Inc. (“Blockcap”), one of the North America largest blockchain technology company, announced today that it has joined the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC). This voluntary forum aims to provide educational resources, transparency, and best practices regarding Bitcoin mining and the many benefits that the Bitcoin network brings to users worldwide.

As one of the largest Bitcoin mining companies in The United States, Blockcap is a founding member of the BMC alongside Argo Blockchain, Core Scientific, Hive, Hut8, Marathon Digital Holdings, Microstrategy, Riot and Galaxy Digital. The BMC is open to all companies involved in Bitcoin mining.

Blockcap is committed to sustainable mining by using a 100 percent carbon neutral footprint and 56 percent renewable energy in its U.S. facilities. In a statement, the CEO, Executive Chairman and Founder of Blockcap said, In it Feinstein, praised the establishment of the BMC and stressed that its members have pledged to adhere to the basic principles of the Bitcoin network, including promoting decentralization and global financial inclusion.

“Blockcap is proud to join this volunteer effort by top digital asset technology companies to raise awareness of the benefits of the Bitcoin network and the opportunity it creates for nearly eight billion people to access it To have property rights, which equates to financial autonomy. ” “Said Feinstein. “Our goal is to educate people about the benefits of this breakthrough technology as a tool for financial inclusion on a truly global scale. As part of our mission, the council will focus on promoting the free flow of accurate information across the Bitcoin network as it relates to many of the false narratives that continue to be spread by various industries and parties that this is the first time in human history that we have a user-centric, decentralized finance and accounting network and people need to know that it exists and how to access it. “

The establishment of the BMC last month followed a series of informal conversations between various independent miners and the CEO of Microstrategy and Bitcoin supporters Michael Saylor. The council plans to hold quarterly meetings to present the trends in Bitcoin mining, collect data to educate the public, and publish best practices for the sustainable growth of the industry as open source. You can find more information about the council on its website.

About blockcap

Blockcap, Inc. (the “Company” or “Blockcap”) located at Austin, Texas, was founded by blockchain industry veterans who have been in the field for nearly a decade. Blockcap’s mining division operates one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining operations and accounts for nearly 1 percent of all Bitcoin network transactions. In addition to mining operations, the company operates two other business areas – digital treasury assets and venture investments. Blockcap’s mining fleet currently utilizes industry-leading co-location mining facilities from Core Scientific, based in The United States.

For more information, visit or contact (833) 901-BLOC toll free.

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