Horizon Blockchain Games is – as the name suggests – a company that develops games on the blockchain, along with tools that help others do the same.

The company announced today that it has raised an additional $ 4.5 million, bringing the total to just over $ 13 million.

Horizon’s first game is Skyweaver, a competitive digital trading card game that taps the blockchain to give players more realistic ownership of their virtual cards. Once earned in competition with other players, cards can be sold, traded or removed from the system and stored.

As I already wrote about Horizon here:

Horizon is working two ways in parallel: In one way they are building a platform operated by Ethereum called Arcadeum for handling in-game objects – to determine who owns a particular instance of an object, and to enable this object to be traded in a verifiable manner , sold or given from player to player. Once an item is in a player’s possession, it can be used, bartered or sold at will. Horizon can’t just take it away. In time, they will open this platform to other developers to build on.

On the other hand, the company is building its own game – a digital trading card game called SkyWeaver – that is supposed to thrive on its own and present the platform at the same time.

The aforementioned “Arcadeum” has now been renamed “Sequence”, an easy-to-integrate wallet system that aims at hand-waving away the complexity of the blockchain. They want to enable users to buy and store their digital goods on the blockchain without the user or the developer of an app really having to worry about the blockchain. Horizon co-founder Michael Sanders tells me that the rebranding comes with a general broadening of focus; the “Arcade” in “Arcadeum” suggested that it was all about gaming, while the goal is to manage all kinds of digital items, from virtual toys to NFT art and beyond.

The Horizon team often mentions that it was designed to support “Web3,” a term I’ve been hearing more and more recently. In short (or at least as far as I understand it), Web3 is a category of online but decentralized apps, services, and games built around the blockchain (in this case, Ethereum) to give individual users more control over their data . The Ethereum Foundation has a breakdown of the concept here.

A game in Skyweaver. Photo credits: Horizon blockchain games

Horizon originally intended to open Skyweaver more broadly in 2020; It’s still in private beta until this morning and is slated to open widely later this year. Sanders tells me they have let in over 66,000 players so far.

The company says investors in this round (a “Pre-Series A Round SAFE”) include CMT Digital, The Xchange Company, BITKRAFT Ventures, Khaled Verjee and Zyshan Kaba.