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This week, presenter Christian Keroles sat down with Simon Lapscher, CEO of Liquality Wallet, on the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast”. Liquality is a very interesting wallet as it focuses on atomic swaps. In particular, it focuses on atomic swaps with Bitcoin.

The quality allows your Bitcoin to trustlessly switch to another currency that it supports. One of the most important user groups of Liquality Wallet are Bitcoiners who want to use the RSK blockchain. Liquality makes it easy, trustworthy and seamless to switch to RSK in RBTC.

Lapscher emphasized the importance of a wallet that would allow users to access Bitcoin’s native features. The Liquality wallet is designed to make Bitcoin and other digital assets / tokens interoperable and functional across the blockchain space. The aim is to make blockchain-based, trustworthy functions simple and accessible for the average user. This includes features that Bitcoiners are really looking forward to, such as the use of Lightning, CoinJoin, batch transactions, multisig and more.

Liquality plans to introduce liquid support and atomic swaps between BTC and L-BTC. This makes Liquality the one-stop-shop for native BTC functions as well as atom swaps with the expanded Bitcoin ecosystem.