As the area of ​​non-fungible tokens (NFT) continues to grow, blockchain analysis Nansen has published a ranking of the top wallets (NFT collectors) that regularly interact with NFTs. The analytics company combed 90 million Ethereum wallets and found a number of large players in the NFT space.

The most prolific market collectors in the NFT ecosystem

Non-fungible token (NFT) technology and the supporting ecosystem will be pretty mature in 2021 and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing anytime soon. Much NFT market data is also published and recorded in real time. Well-known brands, celebrities, and well-known organizations are rushing into the NFT battle and all of this is also making headlines.

Nansen’s NFT Total Profit Leaderboard.

30-day market history data from shows NFT sales of $ 380 million last month. Now, blockchain analytics provider Nansen has provided statistics on some of the best-known players in the market for non-fungible tokens, namely NFT collectors.

Nansen’s NFT “Bored Ape Yacht Club” best list.

Of the millions of wallets and transactions scanned, Nansen says that in order to be included on the NFT Leaderboard, “an account must have bought and sold at least 10 NFTs from over 3 collections”. The leaderboard has different sections ranked by total profit and the leaders of a particular NFT collection. There is also a tab called “Hodlers Tab” in the NFT God Mode section of the leaderboard. The statistics Nansen’s leaderboard data shows can be very interesting and provide a perspective on the best NFT collectors in space.

Pranksy, Atblank, Natealex and Snotrocket

There is, for example, the NFT collector named “Pranksy”, who is considered to be the collector with the best overall profits. “Pranksy is productive,” Nansen reports in detail. “With a total spending of 1,860 ETH (currently $ 3.4 million), Pranksy has spent more than three times the amount of everyone else on the leaderboard,” the researchers add. Pranksy has also covered many collections, totaling 86 collections and “totaling 9,390 NFTs purchased, of which 2,350 were sold”.

Data comes from the NFT collector named Pranksy.

Another player named “Atblank.eth” made the highest percentage of profit-earning NFTs and achieved according to statistics “5000% + profit from investments”. Another NFT collector named “Danny” is the “biggest donor as the collector has spent 2570 ETH over 7088 NFT purchases. Of the 7,088 NFTs in Danny’s collection, the collector only sold 149, according to the Nansen study. Another character named “Snotrocket.eth” is known to have bought most of the NFT collections.

Snotrocket.eth has bought from 118 different NFT collections and Nansen says the buyer is the “most eclectic” one. “Despite these extensive investments,” Nansen reports in detail. Snotrocket.eth managed to make 145 total ETH profit and only sold 184 of its 613 NFTs. This total profit is unusual for an NFT collection with such a high level of diversification. ”First place goes to Pranksy for“ reinvestment ”strategies and second place goes to Atblank.eth. Another person named “Natealex.eth” ranks third for the most consistent returns.

“The NFT Leaderboards and Wallet Profiler represent new ways to gain insight into the fast-moving and emerging NFT ecosystem,” concludes Nansen’s report. “In contrast to traditional art markets, blockchain is able to protect the privacy of the individual and at the same time act as a public data treasure that reveals market trends and buyer strategies. These feature updates allow new and seasoned collectors to compile their own list of notable wallets for unique and personal insights into the latest NFT activity. “

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