Legitimate Tech is an art and fashion-focused blockchain company that was the first to develop a system for creating metaphysical NFTs – physical objects tied to the blockchain. This is achieved via encrypted NFC chips, which are used to bind physical objects to unique digital identities. These chips provide bank-level security to ensure a 1-to-1 connection between a physical object and the corresponding NFT. In addition, these chips not only offer a new level of security, but also the convenience of accessibility, as they can be read by any smartphone in the immediate vicinity without downloading an app.

Each digital counterpart, also called NFT, is unique, programmable, and its ownership is transparent. As blockchain-based tokens, NFTs preserve the provenance of the garments with a permanent time stamp and publicly verifiable ownership. Legitimate Tech’s NFTs are also programmed to automatically distribute designer royalties from future resales. This means designers are constantly receiving passive income when the NFT changes hands and solves a long-standing problem in the art world.

In cooperation with the up-and-coming designer marketplace ap0cene, we bring the advantages and origins of the blockchain into the physical world.

SOURCE Legitimate technology

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