ZUG, Switzerland, September 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Revive Project is a revolutionary platform that enables the blockchain community to come together to invest in crypto and develop exciting NFT projects. Revive has created a unique ecosystem for NFT and crypto investing controlled by its native utility token. PULSE.

The ecosystem uses a 10% transfer commission to leverage its user community in a variety of ways. The public PULSE token sale started on September 1 and will run until September 30, 2021. After the public sale, the PULSE token will be listed on PancakeSwap and WhiteBIT.

Revive Project – Building an Ecosystem

the Revive project is currently developing 3 innovative platforms:

1. Revive wallet: Store & Vote

The Revive Wallet will have an impressive level of application and functionality, especially the ability to vote for upcoming Revive developments. The Revive Wallet and the PULSE Token are specially combined so that they can be 100% integrated into the Revive NFT Marketplace, the Revive Academy and the Revive Exchange. The Revive Wallet will be the gateway to access these innovative platforms.

2. NFT Marketplace & Academy – Learn, create, and market NFTs

the Revive NFT Marketplace aims to revolutionize, innovate, and simplify the way NFTs are created and developed. Exclusively and only available to PULSE owners who NFT academy helps developers on their way as NFT developers.

Eduard Ifrim, CSO of Revive Project, said:

“The Revive Marketplace and the Academy uniquely combine the marketing, investment and development processes behind NFTs.”

3. Revive Exchange – a new type of CEX

the Revive exchange will be the icing on the cake of the entire ecosystem. Their goal is to create a trading environment in which we can give all Pulse holders the opportunity to invest in new and innovative crypto financial derivatives.

Marius Smochina, CEO of Revive Project, said:

“We already have some great people from the financial sector on our team with whom we will develop the Revive Exchange. Stay tuned for some great derivative assets.”

Revive Ecosystem & Certik Audit

The Revive ecosystem is specifically designed to encourage long-term holding and prevent token sales, with the express intention of ensuring maximum benefit to its token holders. To achieve this, the smart contract takes one from every PULSE transaction 10% commission which is re-used in four areas:

  • 1% goes directly into the token holder’s wallets.
  • 5% goes into the Revive basket, an investment vehicle that uses a smart contract to automatically buy tokens from the selected blockchain projects. At the beginning, the basket invests in FileCoin, Certik, Venus, TrustWallet and Cake.
  • 2% goes into the Revive Launchdome, a platform for financing new crypto projects. Income from the launch dome is temporarily distributed to the token holders.
  • the final one 2% is crucial for the constant injection of token liquidity into the PancakeSwap pair Pulse / BNB

In order for all of this to work, the code of the Revive project was checked by the well-known company, Certik – you can find it here.

Benefits of the token holder

The benefits for PULSE token holders are enormous and strongly encourage long-term holding of tokens. While the financial benefits of token holding are enormous, the knowledge, skills, and understanding of NFT creation and marketing could end up being worth even more.

Impulse Token Holders will receive:

  • 1% commission on every transaction
  • Revive Basket profits
  • Revive Launchdome profits
  • Profits from the Revive NFT Marketplace & Academy
  • Revive Exchange profits
  • The ability to automatically enter the Revive NFT Marketplace, Academy and Revive Exchange
  • Special discounts on fees
  • Voting rights and special offers.

Pulse tokenomics

There is a total and maximum offering of 1 billion PULSE tokens allocated in a structure that uses a blackout period for team members and investors (here).

Public sale & WhiteBIT listing

Public PULSE sales started on September 1st at 00:00 (CET) and will run until September 30th at 00:00 (CET). Shortly after the public sale, Pulse tokens will be listed on DEX on PancakeSwap and on CEX on WhiteBIT.

Eduard Ifrim, CSO of Revive Project, said:

“We selected WhiteBIT as the first CEX to list pulse tokens because they are bulletproof in terms of security: WhiteBIT stores 96% of digital assets on cold wallets and uses WAF to detect and block hacker attacks.”

What’s next for Revive?

After the smart contract development, the certification audit and the revive basket analysis have already been completed, the project is looking to the expansive phase of its roadmap after the public sale. Before the full launch of the Revive product line in 2022, the company will increase its token accessibility through partnerships with additional exchanges (WhiteBIT has already been signed) and diversify its basket portfolio through its community voting process.

Contact information for the media

Contact name: Eduard Ifrim

Contact E-mail: edward@reviveproject.io

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