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Singapore, Singapore, September 7th 2021,

The Solana-based venture platform SolRazr has unveiled the first decentralized developer ecosystem for the Solana blockchain, which includes Launchpad, Accelerator and Developer Tools.

Designed as a de facto fundraising and developer platform for projects built on top of Solana, SolRazr aims to support the growth of decentralized funding (defi) on the high performance network.

“Solana will power SolRazr to help projects raise capital at lightning speed and help investors contribute to negligible transaction costs,” said Sreekanth Kalapur, co-founder of SolRazr. “Not only is the platform fast and inexpensive, it is also secure and bid-proof, and offers fair and truly decentralized assignments for the SolRazr community. SolRazr isn’t just a launchpad, we’re building a platform with a variety of developer tools to help everyone get started on Solana quickly. “

SolRazr will have a unique retail investor allocation model using NFTs on Solana.

As a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain with a consensus mechanism derived from pBFT and 200 globally operating nodes, Solana is able to carry out 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) thanks to its coordinated optimizations. Transactions are also natively processed in parallel by GPU hardware, with Solana being the only multi-threaded blockchain in the industry.

“Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular with growing interest from institutional investors,” said SolRazr co-founder Vijay Kalangi. “However, we are still very early and do not even have 1% of global technology acceptance for digital assets and projects.

“Watching SolRazr evolve into the platform we have today has been really amazing. We’re just scratching the surface of what the full-service SolRazr ecosystem is capable of, and look forward to introducing this shortly. “

SolRazr recently closed a $ 1.5 million financing round from Moonrock Capital, Ascensive Assets and Morningstar Ventures. Several well-known funds such as Genesis Block Ventures, Divergence, Genblock Capital, CMS Holdings, PANONY and Skynet Trading took part in the round, while angel investors such as Sam Kazemian from Frax Finance, Leo Cheng from CREAM, Santiago R Santos and Chris McCann also took part have contributed.

“Moonrock Capital is thrilled to be part of the SolRazr journey,” said Jonathan Habicht, managing partner of the company. “SolRazr and its core components are designed to address several adaptation critical needs of the Solana blockchain ecosystem. It’s a platform designed and developed by a leading team of experts and blockchain veterans. “

“SolRazr provides an ideal platform for serious construction companies to raise funds and innovate on Solana, and for investors to participate in the ecosystem,” added Oliver Blakey, Managing Partner of Ascensive Assets.

About SolRazr

SolRazr is the first decentralized developer ecosystem for Solana and offers Launchpad, Accelerator and Developer tools. We are excited to share SolRazr with the world of cryptography and with all who are ready to evolve and participate. We believe DeFi should mean that everyone has the opportunity to invest in a project that can help shape their lives. We decided to build and host our platform on Solana, which is the future of DeFi & Web 3.0.

About Solana

Solana is a powerful Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain that focuses on providing scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security. So far, blockchains have been single-threaded computers that guarantee no conflict between two transactions when run in parallel. Solana unlocks concurrent GPU parallelization for the first time using Proof of History (PoH), a clock before consensus that enables high speed, low latency, and inexpensive transactions on Layer 1 without sharding.

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