Philadelphia, USA, July 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – GULAGToken is a community-based DeFi project that was launched at the Binance Smart Chain fair in July 2021. GULAGToken offers all participants the power to regulate important decisions regarding the token and its development. GULAGToken generates value for holders with 11% static reflections on all buy, sell or send transactions.

GULAGTeam is working to create a unique, decentralized crowdfunding application that you can use to create campaigns and contribute to campaigns from new companies, new cryptocurrencies and individuals.

Advantages of GULAGToken

Fair: 100% communal property
Safe: Carpet-proof
Safe: Verified contract and fully audited by Dessert.Finance
Tokenomics: 15% tax – 11% holder reflection and 4% on LP
Value: 11% static reflection among the highest in the industry, strong cost-benefit ratio at 15% taxes

Developer wallets

The development team had to buy their own tokens with all other investors during the start of the fair, and the only wallets that were put aside were blocked wallets for the following purposes:

Charity: 2.5% (only activated for livestream donations)
Token development: 2.5%
Marketing: 2.5%


GULAGToken maintains consistent transparency with our community and continues to make the $ GULAG the largest and most active crowd government token in the crypto space. GULAGToken also ensures that engagement with the community has a high priority and clear decisions are made so that the community can have a say in governance.


The vast majority of the GULAG team met on a Discord server and is active in various facets of crypto communities. The GULAG team came together to clarify what was right and wrong in existing crypto projects. GULAGTeam is active on all social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Discord and Telegram.


GULAGTeam takes all necessary steps to create a trustworthy atmosphere for the owners, including a demonstrable liquidity lock (which makes robust liquidity or the project impossible). All developers made purchases when the trade fair started, there was no whitelist or advance booking for the initiated. The $ GULAG contract also has no mint function, so the supply is fixed, with an ever-growing burn wallet to which the team has no access.

GULAGToken is developed by a team of crypto enthusiasts who believe everyone deserves a second chance at financial freedom. A locked cash pool, livestream charity donations, and a fair start make $ GULAG a surefire way to generate passive income just by holding while helping others escape their financial gulags.

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