SINGAPORE, April 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Treasury Management International (TMI), the premier corporate treasury publication Group, has received payment in Bitcoin for costs related to researching the benefits of crypto Financial assets. TMI chose to work with Nasdaq-listed companies Diginex [EQOS] on this landmark transaction, use The company’s cryptocurrency exchange,, and its industry-certified custodian, Digivault, receive and store the bitcoin.

TMI took this initiative, with support from Diginex, as part of a larger study of the practical uses of crypto assets for corporate treasurers. This work involves hosting an event entitled: “Crypto Assets: The Questions Every Corporate Treasurer Should Ask” on April 21Here, a panel of leading experts will discuss whether crypto assets, and especially Bitcoin, have become a viable treasury asset.

After the US-based event “Bitcoin for Corporations”, attended by more than 8,197 attendees from 6,917 different companies, attendees from TMI’s global network of over 30,000 corporate treasurers from leading attendees in the industry will join what is expected to be the largest and most diverse event participate of its kind to this day.

Robin Page, CEO of TMI, said, “We are excited to partner with Diginex to explore the benefits and opportunities for treasurers to diversify their choices of investment and payment instruments. And how better to get a glimpse of the real-world experience of crypto -Gain assets than accept them. ” We have selected Diginex, a Nasdaq listed company, as a partner to reflect its commitment to fair and transparent markets and institutional infrastructure. We plan to offer selected products FinTech’s and banks looking to research crypto assets have the option to pay for TMI with bitcoin, which we will in turn hold as our own treasury asset. ”

Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex, said: “We look forward to working with TMI on this and your future transactions and helping them educate their readers. Given the continued adoption of Bitcoin as a treasury asset by many large companies such as Tesla and MicroStrategy, corporate treasurers in EMEA and Asia try to grapple with Bitcoin’s value proposition as a treasury asset. Diginex is specifically aimed at institutions that require a robust and secure platform with regulatory oversight. “

Matt Blom, Head of Sales Trading & Corporate Solutions, said: “As corporate treasurers begin to understand the potential of the asset class, they will not only look at the basic price drivers but also with the technical implementation. Our OTC” Direct-to-Custody ” The service enables clients to have a safe and efficient process for those who choose to transact through our platform. We are not just an execution service, we pride ourselves on sharing our deep knowledge of crypto asset management with our corporate clients. ”

Free Webinar: TMI & Diginex to host a webinar on April 21st entitled “Crypto Assets: The Questions Every Treasurer Should Ask” 9 a.m. GMT /. 4 p.m. SGT Free to Visit – to register.

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Diginex is a digital asset financial services company focused on providing a cryptocurrency and digital asset ecosystem, offering innovative products and services that are compliant, fair and trustworthy. The group includes the cryptocurrency exchange and an over-the-counter trading platform. It also offers a front-to-back integrated trading platform, Diginex Access, a securitization advisory service, Diginex Capital, market-leading hot and cold custodian Digivault, and the Bletchley Park fund business.

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About Treasury Management International (TMI)

TMI was founded in 1992 and has grown to become the world’s leading financial authority. TMI is an independent private company now focused on publishing a sustainable digital magazine available to a global audience of over 30,000 treasury professionals via the internet and a new app. TMI and its business partners offer a variety of free webinars and round table events. TMI is the exclusive media partner of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) and has the privilege of working with several international treasury associations China, Japan, South Africa and the United States.

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